La Caseta


The House Querol is a small town house in Borredà, charming mountain village of Alt Berguedà, Just an hour and a quarter from Barcelona.

It is a paved street of the oldest town next to the square. Because of its location, enjoy the charm of the old one side, and the other magnificent views of the mountains

On the ground floor there is a shop of crafts, the same owners, and housing 85m2 occupies the top two floors with a capacity of 4 to 6 people.

construction, stone and wood, està totalment restaurada potenciant per un cantó el caràcter rústic de la casa i per l’altre equipant-la de totes les comoditats i instal·lacions actuals per oferir una estança confortable.

Because the limited capacity of the house makes idónea for one family, we decided to open a distribution concept, except bathrooms and a half walls that provide privacy bedrooms. This articulated spaces make it attractive and welcoming.